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Sink and countertop refinishing
« on: January 03, 2012, 09:35:07 PM »
Given the age of our coach and the fact that we use our kitchen a lot because we like to cook, my DW had become distressed with the scratches and other blemishes that had accumulated in our kitchen sinks.  

Even though Beaver sinks are not Corian, they are a similar solid surface material.  So I figured if I could understand how to refinish Corian, I could work on our sinks.  DuPont provides general instructions for care of Corian here: and from their material I had quite some time ago learned important concepts like green scruffies could be used to clean sinks, but only blue ones could be used without damage on countertops.  But I had never gone beyond that.

This time, however, I went to the website indicated at the bottom of the page as a manufacturer of refinishing abrasives.  I purchased a set of 8 aluminum oxide pads (4 pads, 2 surfaces each) designed for solid surface scratch removal and polishing.  Here's the link to what I purchased:

I followed the directions carefully starting with an abrasive coarse enough to take down the worst scratches.  I then went to successively finer abrasives until the finish had been restored.  My DW was impressed (and so was I) that the sinks look virtually new again.  With the finest abrasive it is possible to achieve a gloss finish, but DuPont cautions against doing so because it will show scratches very easily.  It is worth noting, however, that the higher gloss finishes would work well on the countertops themselves.

With shipping, the abrasive kit cost me ~$30; I invested an hour of effort and the result is "priceless" because I no longer have to consider replacing the sinks!
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