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Brad Burgess:
Hello All

I was asked by Mike and Judy in the "AGM Battery" thread about our Samsung fridge install.  I did the install myself with some "muscle" help for the heavy lifting.  The old Norcold and the new Samsung went out and came in through the front door.  I removed the passenger seat and the scissor stop on the front door so that the door could be folded all of the way forward. The doors on both fridges were removed before going through the front door of the coach - I was also able to leave the cooling unit on the Norcold.  The front anchors for the Samsung and the dolly to assist in installation are both pirated ideas from Bob Nodine on the IRV2 forum.  I used a different rear anchor system than Bob did.  In our coach we had a cabinet at the top of the Norcold that had to be sacrificed because of the increased height of the Samsung - in one of the photos you can see the replacement panel above the Samsung. I plugged the Samsung into the "ice maker" outlet from the Norcold since it was the outlet that is on an inverter supplied circuit (some relocation of the plugs was necessary.)  I inserted one inch styrofoam with an interference fit in the abandoned roof vent - I subsequently added mechanical keepers.

We had a Samsung fridge in the 03 Monterey that we sold and simply loved it - low battery use due to high efficiency, lots of storage space, ice cubes and hard ice cream!

I'm not sure how the sequence of photos will oct here but here goes - -

Mike Nunn:
WOW!! Looks great. You did an awsome job. Thanks for the pics. Mike and Judy

Jimmy Garcia:
Awesome job.  You got the whole fridge up the steps alone is impressive.  What are you using for batteries and how long does it run on inverter?

Bill Lampkin:
Nice job! Now you need a 'Fridge Fixer' to keep those 2 doors and drawer closed.

Bill Lampkin:
Non- Amazon source;


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