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William Harrison

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03 MarquisFilters
« on: March 28, 2013, 10:48:12 PM »
 Other than the Cat dealer, where can I find reasonably priced fuel, air and oil filters (C12 cat).  And, how to change the air filter.

Edward Buker

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Re: 03 MarquisFilters
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I would stick with Cat for fuel and oil filters because of the quality and research they have done to create some of the best filter media available, For the quality they are competatively priced, especially if they prevent wear in the fuel pump system and injectors as well as the engine internals. I have had good service from a part order perspective for Donaldson air filters at this site. Pricing was good. Not sure which air filter you take. If I had issues with CAT that just sent me elsewhere Fleetguard by Cummins would probably be my second choice.

Later Ed
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Tom and Pam Brown

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Re: 03 MarquisFilters
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Any heavy duty truck dealer can help if you have the part number.