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Adam Hicklin

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Speedometer weirdness
« on: June 24, 2015, 06:06:34 AM »
The bad thing about taking long trips is that I notice all these problems.  Sorry.  On the first leg of our trip, L.A. to Zion, it seemed like I was going fast but the speedometer read 55.  I just happened to catch the magnum read out for road speed, which said 65.  I assumed the magnum was correct so I adjusted.  When we stopped I noticed that the speedometer didn't return to 0 but continued counter clockwise past 0 and was resting on the trip reset button at the bottom of the speedo.  About a 10 mph space difference.  What gives?  This is an electronic speedometer, correct?  Any way to adjust it or recalibrate?  Been the same for a couple days now, through several on/off cycles. 

As always, thanks in advance.

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Re: Speedometer weirdness
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Had a similar problem  with our 07 Contessa. Monaco suggested to disconnect the speedometer behind the dash and reconnect to reboot the gauge. Hope this helps.
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