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Winterizing hiccup
« on: October 20, 2018, 06:34:42 PM »
So I hooked up my bypass hose, turned on the waterpump and had a strong stream of pink antifreeze to the cold water in the kitchen.  Needed to switch antifreeze jugs for the next faucet.  Opened the faucet and no joy.  Pump was running, but only very slowly pulling the antifreeze.  Did I lose prime?  How do I restore it?

Temp forecast to dip below 32 for a few hours tonight.  Heading to heated storage tomorrow.  Will four hours at 29 to 31 result in major heartburn if I can't complete the antifreeze job?


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Re: Winterizing hiccup
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If it’s pulling antifreeze at all it has prime.  Sounds more like a blockage.  Is there a screen on the next faucet that might be dirty?  Debris got in the suction tube during the switch?  Confirm that no other faucets are open, and that the valves are still wide open and the drain one is completely closed, including the two on the waterbay manifold.

I’ve never had an issue switching bottles, even when inadvertently drawing the first one dry, although it might take a bit to get it going again.  But pouring several into a large clean bucket, putting a 2X4 under one side of the bucket to tilt it, and clamp the hose to the bucket side so it stays at the bottom of the bucket’s low spot mitigates having to run in and out of the rig watching and changing jugs.

Running hot water taps (at least one) is the most important to protect the most costly to repair device.  You don’t need to run a lot of fluid, just so you see it first appear at each faucet.  Drain, blow out, or cycle fluid to the fridge ice maker, pump to the toilet, and pour a cup or two in any washing machine drum and run a spin cycle.

I wouldn’t think a few hours outside temp slightly below freezing would be a problem inside a closed up coach.  You could leave the HydroHot on set at 40-45 for some surety.

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Re: Winterizing hiccup
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I agree with Joel. A few hours under freezing should not be a problem as long as you set the Aqua Hot on 45 and let it run. What causes the pipes to freeze is continuous below 32 weather for 48 hours or so. As long as the ambient temperature reaches above freezing during the day, you will be fine.
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