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Tim Bentley Co-Admin:
There is a great data base for Monaco suppliers published by the Monacoers Yahoo Group. We should note that Monacoers are not affiliated with any of the Monaco FMCA chapters, such as Monaco International.  The Yahoo group is separately owned and moderated by Mr. Bill Duckwiitz

 The Monacoers do not want to share this data base with our forum or web site, but you get access to it by joining the Monacoers yahoo group at

Jim Edwards:
Hi do you know if this is still active? Having trouble with link. Thanks

Stan Simpson:
That link accessed a .pdf file which is what I think you are looking for. I have it saved on my PC. It's 288 pages, and 2.57MB in size. I could send it to you via if you'd like.

The file contains the parts sources for dozens of models of Monaco built coaches.

For example on page 133, it has the information regarding the source of the tail lights on our coach.

'93 Mazda B2000 Pickup


Just to clarify, I'm a member of that Yahoo Group mentioned above.

Larry Moore:

I would love to have a copy.  I am a member of the Monaco group but I am not able to find the list on their site.


Larry Moore
2005 Beaver Monterey Laguna IV

Go to the Yahoo page for the group. Type "Parts List" in the search bar for the yahoo PAGE. Voila


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