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Technical Support / 97 Patriot 37’ - how many shocks?
« Last post by Giovanni Bosch on Today at 07:08:58 PM »
Hello. I order some shocks (4) online and the company just called to confirm that I only needed 4 and not 8. I have a Magnum chassis with 8 air bags and was under there yesterday inspecting the bags but I think I only saw 4 shocks. 2 front and 2 back.

I looked through all the documents available via this forum and can’t find anything on this. It speaks about shocks in the Magnum manual but not how many. I told them to just send the 4 Koni FSD shocks and when I return home next week I’ll double check on the rest.

Any idea?
Rallies / Re: Quartzite rally
« Last post by Bob Disney on Today at 03:47:01 PM »
Hope to see you all there
If your looking for Koni shocks I found the best price was at Ultra RV products

Hope this helps
Hi there, this is my first time posting. I have a 1996 Beaver 36' Monterrey on Magnum chassis. I've changed my shocks before but have forgotten the numbers of the shocks and where I got them. Is there a special place to get them or should a truck or parts supplier be able to get them? Any help would be appreciated.
James Blackwell
Tylertown, MS
One-time owner 1996 Beaver Monterrey.
Technical Support / Re: Engine Coolant Drain 2002 Patriot
« Last post by Carl Boger on Today at 03:32:28 AM »
On my 98 I have to remove the lower radiator hose.  Hopefully you will have a petcock, but you may not.  Good luck with everything.
Technical Support / Re: window shades
« Last post by Carl Boger on Today at 03:29:20 AM »
I am not sure how your shades are configured, but on mine I had to use a right angle attachment on a drill driver to remove the shades and the valances.   It was still a tight fit but doable.  Hopefully this will be of some help to you.
Rallies / Re: Quartzite rally
« Last post by Bill Lampkin on Today at 03:15:03 AM »
Last year, several rigs stayed for a few days after the rally ended  enjoy!

Technical Support / Re: 3126B Engine Coolant Flush/Refill
« Last post by Jack W Hannah on Today at 12:48:51 AM »

Thank you for your reply. 

I've been reviewing my Patriot Owner's Manual and my Cat 3126B Owner's manual on this subject, and here's some of the key points I've discovered?

1. Use Cat DEAC whenever possible.
2. Many automobile Coolants are not suitable for use in my coach.
3. Second choice is ASTM -D4985. This solution will require SCA for proper cooling system corrosion protection.
4.. ASTM DD3306 is prohibited due to high Silicate content. Turns out this is what Walmart sells as "Universal Antifreeze". I think the brand name is Super Tech.

The PDFs are too big to attach, but I can e-mail them if you wish. They're only 3 pages.
Technical Support / Re: Engine Coolant Drain 2002 Patriot
« Last post by Jack W Hannah on December 03, 2023, 11:58:36 PM »

I looked again in that area and didn't find a drain. I'm going to contact the Mfgr to see what I can learn.
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