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Thanks to all for the replies, will follow your advice and thanks for the heads up on the ground.  There is only one battery in the small compartment, and 3 in the next forward, and four more take up the bay on the drivers side forward from the wet bay, below the solar controller and transfer switch.
You might want to remove the ground from the batteries in the small compartment at the rear.  On ours the battery cut off switch does not shut these off.
Also, we are dealing with batteries too except ours are Interstate flooded acid batteries and the company told us 3 years was their normal life.  Lifelines say 48 to 60 months for AGM.
IMHO checking the batteries individually is a good next step. You need to isolate each one to check it. If you still need power while doing this, you should be able to leave shore power applied. Turn off the House Battery disconnect switch. This  will isolate the batteries from the inverter & loads. Wait a few minutes for the Bird system to stop trying to supply 12v from the chassis batteries.
Then isolate and test each battery. First disconnect and insulate the + cable (s) that lead from the battery bank to the coach. If you are going to remove the batteries, BE SURE to take a picture or make a drawing of the hookup before disconnecting anything. When finished, be sure to verify you have 12V at the output terminals after hooking all the batteries back up. There is a diagram of the correct hookup in Coach Assist, pg 55 of the 07 Marquis/Patriot wiring diagrams.
I see the 12.9 after a full charge plugged into 50A, but generally betweeen 12.5-12.8 with no load if solar is charging.

The fridge pulls 3-4A at 120V once running.

Technical Support / Re: Air/Water Purge
« Last post by Steve Huber Co-Admin on Today at 12:16:36 AM »
There are Racor Fuel Filter manuals in Coach Assist.
General Discussion / Re: Extended service plans
« Last post by Jerry Dildine on August 02, 2021, 11:45:13 PM »
I'll try to keep my 2-cents short.  We have a 2007 Patriot Thunder, which we love (or maybe love/hate).  We bought in Dec 2020 and purchased a "top-of-the-line" extended warranty from Good Sams.  As perhaps we expected, we have put between $10k-$20k in repairs into the Beaver to attempt to make it ours.  We are spending about $4k-$5k on the Good Sams.  In our most expensive repair, (our failed obsolete toilet),  the replacement was pricey, and Good Sams provided only a small fraction of coverage.  In our case, it was the obsolescence which got us.  The toilet model from our coach had to be replaced, but the old model doesnt exist.  Good Sams claims adjuster found places which stated that they sold the old toilet parts (but really didn't have any in stock), so Geod Sams adjuster said we could only have funds for the old-and-unavailable parts.  The replacement toilet was quite a bit more than the old parts.  In addition to the deductible, we lost ~$2500.   There is more to the story, but in my opinion GS handled this in a very poor fashion.  Its clear GS is not seriously in the service business, I would definitely not recommend them to anyone.
Just wondering...  What time of day are you seeing that final 12.9v reading for your house battery bank - before dark with full sun or at dusk/dark without the sun?

What is the wattage demand of your fridge?

Technical Support / Troubleshooting Help: House Batteries dying quickly
« Last post by Anand Shah on August 02, 2021, 11:07:59 PM »
Hi All,

First off thanks for the help in previous posts, we just got back from a 7k mile trip and were largely problem free.

I have a new problem that I'd love help on how to troubleshoot:  despite a significant battery bank (the rig has 8x Lifeline 12V 180AH AGM batteries that are <4 years old), 500w of Solar (running on the original solar controller it seems), I barely get an hour of bank time before the battery voltage goes from 12.9 to 10.9 as seen on the Magnum controller, and that is just running the fridge (all other breakers turned off).   Note that the Magnum panel shows a voltage that is 0.5v less than what the Aladdin shows me for the house batteries.    All the batteries visibly inspect ok and I've tightened all the terminals which were fine anyhow.   The fridge is a residential big fridge, the the inverter is a Magnum pure sine looks like 3kw.   

This is all on a 2007 Marquis Lapis 45'

My instinct tells me to check each battery / load test and that I may likely fine a dead battery somewhere;   However, the newbie in me doesn't know how to best do that.   Do I need to disconnect the chain of batteries and pull each one out?  What is the best procedure to do this?   Do I need to disconnect at the inverter?   Turn of the cutoff switch?   

I may also want to upgrade the solar controller to an MPPT one, any instructions on things I need to do there?  Inverter/charging setttings, etc?

Thanks in advance,

Technical Support / Re: Air bags 2006 Patriot Thunder
« Last post by Lee Welbanks on August 02, 2021, 11:00:17 PM »
Gary, Does your coach have 3/4" air lines to the front air bags? If so they are a real b**** to change the bags. The problem is getting the hose fittings off and the fittings out of the top of the bag as they are 3/4" JIC fittings and will not drop through the top mounting plate. I actually had to make up a couple of wrenches to get the fittings off.
The rears are a piece of cake, nothing special about these.
My bag numbers are:Front Firestone Air Spring W01-358-8897  Mich Spring Co
                               Rears Firestone Air Spring W01-358-9376 Mich Spring Co.

Plug those numbers and name into google and you will find your bags.
Another question is: How are you going to block your coach up to be able to change the bags?

Technical Support / Re: Air/Water Purge
« Last post by Frank Bergamo on August 02, 2021, 10:03:36 PM »

Have you tried the air purge side of the system? Could it be that there is no water in separator, so no activation of pump? I believe the same pump works for both air or water purge. Hope this helps.
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