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Technical Support / Re: Cat Engine Died
« Last post by Gilbert Styles on August 01, 2021, 08:09:43 PM »
Thank you so much for your help. B4 I read your text I started the engine and did the air purge, removed the cap on the valve and pushed the valve. I sprayed a lot of fuel around and after the purge I shut down the engine and the level came up to the top of the mesh filter. Then I started the engine and the level varied and did see bubbles but I'm alone and didn't have anyone to rev the engine. Then shut it down and the level came back to the same place it was. I did this 3 times and got the same results so it still looks like the level in the picture.

The day when the engine died. I had turned a very sharp corner and started up hill. It was pitch black out and 11 PM so I couldn't see much but when I looked at the filter at that time I think there was no fuel showing at all. Then when  I pushed the purge button it did put fuel into the glass filter but I do not remember if it was full - I don't think so though. The engine started and I drove to my site. A little while ago I heard from a  friend that has an older Cummings motor home and he said that maybe the sharp turn and uphill slant caused the fuel to slosh and sucked air into the fuel pickup and perhaps that is what caused it to die at the time. Do you think that is likely? He also said that the older motor homes often had problems with fuel hoses deteriorating from the Modern diesel low sulfur fuel and causing leaks and air in the fuel and the hoses will eventually need to all be replaced! 

Up to now it seemed to  have plenty of power with no hesitation or roughness even under load or at high speed. I am a full timer going on 12 years but with Ford gas motor homes up til now. I am in Kansas City now but am in Phoenix in  the winter and that is where Massey Diesel serviced it for me after I bought it. I can look for a Cat service place here to get the o-rings replaced but I would rather have Tony at Massey in Phoenix do it if I can.  Do you think it is OK to just keep driving it for now?   

Thank you again for your help.
Technical Support / Re: Cat Engine Died
« Last post by Dave Atherton on August 01, 2021, 07:10:42 PM »
Hi, what I’m seeing in fuel in site glass on primary fuel filter is 1/2 full, what this is telling me the
O-rings on top and bottom of site glass need replacement. To verify this start engine and note: two
things the level of fuel in plastic site glass at idle and air bubbles in site glass. Next have someone
speed engine up very high idle and again note: level in site glass along with air bubbles in site glass.
What I expect you will see is a decrease in fuel level in site glass along with air bubbles at engine idle,
Next at high idle fuel in site glass will be very low in site glass along lots of air bubbles. This test is without any load put on engine such as climbing hill etc. that will require more fuel needed to run
engine along with information, yes engine will still operate but at power loss. Last this test fuel is
under suction from fuel tank up front to inlet side of fuel transfer pump than on discharge side of
fuel transfer the fuel pressure reading 58 psi at idle and 75 psi at high idle. This is where your power
loss comes into play because on entry on air at primary fuel filter, and in most cases location of
problem is the o-ring seal top and bottom of plastic site glass along side of primary fuel filter. Last
Your secondary fuel filter it is recommended for your 3126 engine a 1R-0751 2 micron caterpillar only
Fuel filter. Dave Atherton Retired Cat mechanic
Technical Support / Re: Getting my CAT Engine work done.
« Last post by Christian Fish on August 01, 2021, 06:52:27 PM »
Thanks Joel for posting the picture of the height controller. I just broke my front one and this will help the shop order parts.
Technical Support / Re: Front Airbags
« Last post by Christian Fish on August 01, 2021, 06:50:08 PM »
Thanks Fred and Lee, you guys were right. I finally got a chance to crawl underneath it today and the rod is missing and it looks like the upper rubber isolator  is broken. I have an appointment on Wednesday at Quent’s Service in  Oshkosh to get it repaired. I’m having the front airbags replaced while they are in there.
Technical Support / Cat Engine Died
« Last post by Gilbert Styles on August 01, 2021, 05:37:54 PM »
This is my first post and I hope it's OK that I put it into this topic. My Engine died - no fuel showing in clear Water Fuel separator. I have a 2002 Patriot Ticonderoga with a cat 3126 engine I bought in Nov 2020 and I'm new to Diesels but trying to learn. I have driven it about 1500 miles so far and had it serviced at Massey Diesel in Phoenix when I bought it. All was in great shape and no mechanical problems till now. I normally drive at 60 - 65 max. This day I was running very late and after driving all day -prox 400 miles at 70+ MPH my engine died while parking it in the campground and it would not restart. I checked the fuel water separator and no fuel was showing in the clear tube and there was some fuel dripping from the bottom and the bay floor was a little wet with fuel too, but I could not tell where it was coming from. I pushed the electronic air purge and it did put fuel in the tube and it did start and run so I could park it. I"m there now. I de-greased the engine bay so that when I do start it I should be able to see if there are any leaks. At this point the clear filter is about 1/2 full of fuel. Is it supposed to be completely full? My manual says I'm supposed to remove a plug when purging but I'm not sure if that applies to my separator or exactly which plug to remove. Should I do another air purge and this time remove a plug to allow the air to escape? The separator assembly  is a Winn Parker- Pic attached.  Any idea what caused this and what I should do about it?
Thanks in advance for any help
Motorhomes and Tow Cars / 2006 Beaver Monterey Pacifica IV
« Last post by Andrew Shoen on August 01, 2021, 03:38:30 PM »
2006 Beaver Monterey Pacifica IV. Very low miles at 65K. 400HP Cat C-9.
Purchased from the original owners less than two years ago and have had major service and preventative maintenance performed by Beaver Coach Sales in Bend, Oregon. I have replaced or fixed the following and have receipts for all work completed:
New Hankook AR 37's (6)
New Koni Shocks (8)
New Alternator
New Serpentine belt
New radiator hoses
New radiator fluid and overflow/fill tank
New windshield
New passenger mirror
New slide toppers
New House and Chassis Battery connections.
Transmission serviced/Transyd fluid
New water pump
New toilet seals
New LED 3rd brake light
New windshield wipers
New front door hinge.
Onan Gen serviced less than 25 hours ago. Approx 775 total hours
New Euro recliner
New headlights
New king size mattress topper
New kitchen faucet
New alternator
New refrigerator control board parts
New ice maker
New Aqua-Hot parts and just serviced.
Oil/Oil filter changed every 5000K. Just serviced 4/21.
Transferable Extended Service Contract from Compass. Good for over 2 more years!!!
Brand new high end cover never used.
This coach has been indoors and shows. Professionally detailed 4 times with acrylic wax since purchased.
I know I am forgetting many little things but you can go through the stack of recent receipts and will be blown away how particular I am and all the work I have done. When I say this coach needs nothing, that is an understatement.  The reason I am selling is because I want to stay closer to home. Currently planning a summer trip but is available anytime. $99995.
Technical Support / Re: Suspa Gas Struts
« Last post by Jason Worman on August 01, 2021, 04:13:45 AM »

I was able to locate part # Suspa C16-06749, checked manufacturer website, cost is $97.00 plus on back order. Tried the website which you recommended, but no luck, will call their customer service desk on Monday. Hopefully part has been updated with new part number.

Thank you,

Technical Support / Re: Suspa Gas Struts
« Last post by Bill Lampkin on August 01, 2021, 12:06:08 AM »
Try Lift Supports
I replaced all the struts on the compartment doors (not the engine compartment). Just write down all the numbers/letters and measure your strut (extended). Give them a call. 
Technical Support / Suspa Gas Struts
« Last post by Jason Worman on July 31, 2021, 09:41:53 PM »
Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone has any idea which Suspa Gas Struts? See attached picture, these go to the rear engine compartment lift gate.


Technical Support / Oh the joys!! Engine cover grille fell off-Update
« Last post by Jason Worman on July 31, 2021, 08:18:28 PM »
Hi All,

Well my DW got home from her trip and we were able to reattach the grille, had to drill out the old rivets, definitely a two person job. Now to find replacement arm supports for it.

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