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Technical Support / Re: Xantrex remote panel loaction
« Last post by Norm Vernon on Today at 06:35:45 AM »
That pointed me in the right direction - I found the plug for the remote sans remote control panel in a mass of wires in the top right cupboard above the windshield. Now to figure out why the 2 select buttons don't work on the new/used remote - I think it may be the cable. Thanks for the help.
Technical Support / Re: Xantrex remote panel loaction
« Last post by David T. Richelderfer on Today at 12:44:17 AM »
Our inverter/charger's remote panel is located in one of two upper cabinets over the co-pilot's seat... easily accessible and about head high.  Our inverter is a Xantrex Freedom PSW 3,000w.
Technical Support / Re: Hwh Slides
« Last post by Richard Faure on Today at 12:28:45 AM »
So I took the hydrolic hwh pump out to make sure and bench test all valves. 3800 lbs on all. Put back in and still drivers living room no fluid.  Took all the room lines off the pump and the returns.  I hooked up 90 lbs of air compressor hooked up to both the feed and the returm to the drivers living room.  No air coming out anywhere
I could see one of the hydrolic lines blocking but both of them.  There isnt a valve block that i am missing imbetween the pump and the drivers living is there?
Technical Support / Xantrex remote panel loaction
« Last post by Norm Vernon on Today at 12:05:46 AM »
I have a 2004 Marquis Garnet with a Xantrex 2025 inverter. I have not been able to find a control panel inside the coach anywhere so I have been climbing in and out of the basement to set it up and make changes with my new solar install. This has motivated me to track down a remote panel to install. So today I went to begin the process and found a plug already in the remote port on the inverter and followed the cable into the floor. This makes me think there is probably a panel inside somewhere inside (which only makes sense in a coach of this caliber). So my question is where the heck is it ??? I have looked everywhere and have so far struck out. Anyone out there have a similar unit that can help me ?
General Discussion / Re: Extended service plans
« Last post by George Frudakis on May 12, 2021, 08:12:42 PM »
When I purchase my marquis I hand a warranty policy placed on her from the dealer. That cost was 7k for two years. In those two years, I had two new ac units, a new 2000 magnum inverter, new transmission, two new fantastic fans, and a new front ace. Total repairs over 22k.
Third and fourth-year policy. new policy cost 4k(same benefits but without dealer upcharge). a new generator control board, new front ace compressor, new ac dryer, new fantastic fan, repair water drain from both AC units. total paid out 8k. And I still have 1 1/2 to go on this policy. The total of both policies cost 11k, so far policy paid out over 30k.
My point is, take your coach to a reputable dealer that knows how to work with the warranty company. Our coach will have problems and the question you should ask pay now or pay more later. I would rather pay now upfront than being stranded on the road and may not have the funds available when disaster strikes. Yes, I know that warranty policy may just pay some of the invoices and may delete some of the required work needed. Again read your policy and make the decision on what is best for you. At the end of the second policy, knowing most of the major items are new, I may consider not renewing my policy. I have a 20-year-old coach and will see what the perium will be before making the decision. I also know getting a policy on my coach is very difficult but because I have a policy in place it will  be easier.
Misc RV Equipment for Sale or Wanted / Trailer Hitch for Sale
« Last post by Evana Gendron on May 12, 2021, 06:38:39 PM »
$75 Trailer Hitch 2” w 4” rise/drop. Curt 45770 receiver adapter, 2 x 1ΒΌ reducer, 4” extension, locking pin w/ 2 keys. Like New.
Email or call me at (714) 357-1316
Technical Support / Shocks and muffler
« Last post by Lawrence Tarnoff on May 12, 2021, 06:34:43 PM »
Our Monterey is at Cummins for the annual inspection and maintenance.  They report oil leaking from several of the shocks and a rust-compromised muffler and recommend replacement.  What's a reasonable price for those repairs?
Technical Support / Re: Hwh Slides
« Last post by Richard Faure on May 12, 2021, 05:33:27 PM »
No luck.  Checked behind the tv.  I cannot find another set of solenoids for extend and retract.  I have a call into Beaver coach to see if they know.
General Discussion / Re: Extended service plans
« Last post by Fred Brooks on May 12, 2021, 05:12:18 PM »
   Having been on the other side, the success of your claim to the extended warranty is largely dependent on the presentation of the claim. If the RV repair shop understands the process, he can make a very well thought out claim. The very first thing you do is to treat your claim as a "deposition". They try and engage the repair facility in conversation in an attempt to gather information about the circumstance. Let your answers be yes or no and never speculate to the extended warranty company. The repair shop should have part numbers and prices available and reasonable labor times. Do not include collateral damage as this is a red flag to them and the policy clearly states that. As a policy holder of the contract, do not call the extended warranty company yourself as they record every word you speak in an attempt to use it against you. They are eager to take your money for the contract but reluctant to pay out claims. Hope this helps, Fred
We have a small kennel cage for the small dog.  It is either in the cage or riding on Leslie's lap.  For the larger dog, we have a leash that snaps into one of the couch's seatbelt receivers to limit his range.
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