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Technical Support / Re: Aqua-Hot
« Last post by Michael Turnipseed on June 29, 2024, 07:24:15 PM »
Sorry the unit is a 100-02S
Technical Support / Aqua-Hot
« Last post by Michael Turnipseed on June 29, 2024, 07:21:16 PM »
Been searching the board trying to find in the aqua hot questions something relating to the F fuse, when I hit the switch to turn on the hot by the count of two, I’ve blown that breaker when I jumped the ignition underneath, so I could actually listen it sounds like the blower engages for you up to the count of two. After reading the aqua manual over and over the different things that could be none of them seem to address this issue most the troubleshooting needs to have power on. I’ve checked continuity on all the VDC and the VAC the electric water heater probe. Everything works fine. I’ve got power to the C2 plug so I’m kind of lost. My next step was, I pulled the blower and motor out. Got it on the bench with 12 V power when the motor is hooked up to the blower shaft, it will not run constantly if I disconnect the motor from the shaft, the motor runs with no Interruptions. When it was running connected to the blower shaft, the bearings didn’t sound good so I’m gonna go ahead and break that apart and change the bearings and I’m wondering if there is a way to check the resistance on that motor to make sure that it doesn’t fail under a load. Should I take it to motor shop?
I’ve contacted the Aqua hot on Tuesday and put in a submission for technical support. I haven’t heard anything back from them. I’ve contacted to authorized reps in the southwest Washington area area. I haven’t heard back from them so maybe somebody out there can put me in a direction I don’t mind putting the bearings in. I’m sure that’s a good good move anyhow at this point it’s life. I’ve had about seven years and never changed them, but even then, I’m not sure if that’s gonna solve the problem any help I’d appreciate it
Technical Support / Re: Programming a Voyager AOM 7694
« Last post by Steve Huber Co-Admin on June 28, 2024, 11:14:10 PM »
Thx Scott, but no joy...
Technical Support / Re: Programming a Voyager AOM 7694
« Last post by Scott Shearer on June 28, 2024, 06:35:29 PM »

You may have already seen these, but here are a couple Google search phases that might be of interest.

“Voyager AOM 7694 troubleshooting”
“Replaced a Voyager display and Aladdin does not

Technical Support / Re: 110 Power-97 Beaver Patriot Ticonderoga
« Last post by Robert Norris on June 28, 2024, 05:51:42 PM »
I once again want to thank everyone that offered possible solutions. I turned out to be that the (breaker?) on the inverter tripped. I reset it and all systems are go again. Unfortunately, I don't know what tripped it or is the inverter getting weak. But while we are traveling, at least I know what to look for if the symptoms happen again.

Having access to the forum and the vast wealth of all of your knowledge, is well worth the price of my BAC membership.
Thank you again.
Technical Support / Programming a Voyager AOM 7694
« Last post by Steve Huber Co-Admin on June 28, 2024, 01:13:35 AM »
The Voyager video monitor in our 07 Contessa has worked flawlessly for years. After having in the shop for an engine check I noticed that the rear camera does not select when reverse is selected on the tranny panel. The rear camera works and can be selected manually (Channel 1)with no problem. For some reason shifting to reverse selects Channel4m which has no camera connected. Turn signal cameras work fine.
I've got the manual but it's no help. Does anyone know how to change the reverse selection camera?
Thx, Steve
Technical Support / Re: 110 Power-97 Beaver Patriot Ticonderoga
« Last post by Eric Maclean on June 28, 2024, 12:13:06 AM »
Have you checked the breakers on the inverter many of the circuits run through the inverter .
When running on shore power or gen set the power feeds through the bedroom breaker panel 30 amp inverter breaker which feeds the inverter
When the inverter is turned off ( not inverting ) the power is feed directly through a relay in the inverter to a set of small push button type breakers on the inverter and then on to several outlets , TV s etc.
For a quick check turn on the inverter and see if any of the outlets come to life

Check the small breakers on the inverter...

Hope this helps
General Discussion / Re: Lincoln toads, not?
« Last post by Paul Meehan on June 27, 2024, 08:36:08 PM »
Joel, I had a 2020 Lincoln Nautilus (gas) that was flat-four towable.  Two problems I had was one, the process of taking the vehicle out of park.  Not sure what method is used in the new hybrid but my Lincoln had a cable that per the owners manual you sit in he driver's seat and reach under the dash and pull the orange or yellow lanyard towards you and down to the right until the metal bead is caught in the "plastic" pocket.

First problem was there was no way to reach the lanyard.  I had to get on all fours outside the vehicle to reach it.  Secondly, and most important is the "plastic" pocket will wear out after repeated use.  This would permit the cable to slip and place the vehicle back into Park.

After eighteen months of ownership I had the pocket and an integrated two foot long part replaced.  They wanted to charge me $600 to $800.  Fortunately it was under warranty.

I have heard of one instance where the cable slipped just enough through the pocket that the front wheels locked up while under tow.

So this is a cautionary note.  The question in my opinion is not just is the newer Lincoln's towable but also how is the vehicle taken out of park and remains out of Park.  Plastic parts will wear down.

Regards and thanks for the post.

Sorry to hear of your misfortune. As David noted, I'm also not aware of hydraulics controlling the rear slides. Was it a rear or front slide that came out on the curve. Assuming the HWH and Power Gear systems are the same, the slides are held in place by hydraulic pressure. Leaky hoses can cause them to move unexpectedly. It happened on our coach about a year ago where the salon slide moved out about 6 inches while driving. So, be sure to replace all your hoses for slides and generator. On the Monaco Roadmaster chassis used in our coach, the shop was able to install new lines through by connecting them to the old lines and pulling the old line through. I've heard/seen on the Forum that on the older Magnum chassis units the hoses run through the frame (as they apparently do on the Roadmaster) but that they may be or are tied in place. The solution is to leave the old hoses in place and run new ones as best you can. Each hose should run from the hydraulic cylinder to the hydraulic control unit that contains the pump and solenoids.

Steve, Thanks for your kind words.  My coach only has one slide for the galley and jackknife sofa. It's on the driver's side and is approx. 17' long from behind the driver's seat to the end of the galley.  It appears that you are correct about the Magnum Chassis hose routing.  They were very well made, but not exactly constructed for replacement hose routing in the future.  My coach repair shop has definitely recommended replacing all of the lines that they can get to and I have authorized them to do so.  I will keep the forum posted and provide a write up of the outcome when I get my coach back.

Ours is a 2004 Beaver Marquis, manufactured in 2003, which has two hydraulically moved living room slides and one electric-motor moved bedroom slide.  Are you sure your bedroom slide is hydraulically moved?  On our coach, the hydraulic pump/motor for hydraulic leveling and slide moving is located under the entry door behind the step, and the only other hydraulic pump is located on the engine and supplies hydraulic pressure for power steering.

I do not remember hearing that Beaver used hydraulics on its bedroom slides... but it certainly could have in the earlier years of slides.
David,  Thanks for your response.  I'm 100% sure that the slide is hydraulically moved.  The tow truck driver had to loosen one of the hydraulic hoses to be able to retract the slide.  BTW, there is only one slide on this coach. It goes from just behind the driver's seat to the end of the galley.  I think it's about 17 feet long. He did this with a large adjustable wrench on a hex-nut attached to the slide carriage.  As far as I know, the hydraulic system for the SMC coaches is different from the later Monaco builds.  Definitely there is no motor/pump under the entry door steps (I wish it was there, lol). The pump is in the back passenger side of the engine bay, about as far back as possible.  The issue I'm having is trying to figure out the hydraulic hose routing, and a schematic sure would help.  From the SMC Leveling System document on the BAC Coach Assist section there is a manifold that controls the leveling system.  Somehow this ties into the slide, as there is a circuit from the slide switch to the hydraulic pump relay in Fugure 5 (page 6).  So, I believe that means that the pump will energize when the slideout switch is activated and there must be another manifold in the front of the coach that controls the direct of hydraulic fluid flow to either extend or retract the slide. Anyways, thanks for your post.  Tim
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