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Title: camp ground membership
Post by: George Frudakis on April 05, 2019, 09:37:06 PM
Thinking of joining a thousand trails. But have revelation do to the size of my coach. Any thoughts or suggestions.
Title: Re: camp ground membership
Post by: Gerald Farris on April 05, 2019, 10:52:55 PM
I am a Thousand Trails member, have been for years, and I drive a coach that is larger than yours. There are some TT parks were coach size is a consideration, and my coach will only fit in about half of the sites, and others where almost all of the sites are large enough for my coach. So the area of the country that you travel in most is a consideration. Also, since there are probably a 100 different membership types, the locations and frequency of use have to be considered. Most TT parks are older and not up to Resort standards if that is your preference.   

Normally, the most expensive TT membership is the one that you buy from the TT representative at the park as apposed to a resale, but they have some new membership for local areas that are competitive. 

If you would like to discuss the pros and cons of a TT membership, just call me, 7132-54-4156     

Title: Re: camp ground membership
Post by: Lee Welbanks on April 06, 2019, 12:51:49 AM
We too are TT members (nation wide) and have been pretty happy with them. I always tell them I'm 40' only once had a problem with size at a park in the north east, but even that wasn't a issue. A lot of their parks are a little dated and a lot are only 30 amp, but we've always been able to make it work. When we first bought this plan we'd run the numbers of the total cost and it works out for us. We leave Wickenburg, Az in early May and come back in Oct. One draw back with TT is there are not many parks in the middle/north/med west of the country.
You can purchase plans for folks selling on Craigs list and there are lots of brokers. We got ours from a broker, one thing is they want to sell so you just keep at them adding stuff, actually with our plan I don't know how many nights we get free, since we've had it we haven't paid for a single night. We can stay 21 days and go park to park without being out for seven. As I say you keep at the broker and saying no until you get what you want.
Some don't like TT but for us it works.