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Technical Support / Re: Tail light assembly loose 2007 Beaver
« Last post by Jim Nichols on Today at 01:10:35 AM »
4 nuts need to be removed. The 7/16 nuts are on a stud screwed into the four corners of the tail lamp. If the lens itself is loose from the base it will need to be glued (crazy glue). Most of the time (mine and others I’ve repaired have dust inside each of the colored lens. Wash by squirting soap and water from a sink and let dry in the sun. Drys faster if you rinse with hot water then set them in the sun. You’ll know if the inside is dirty when you pull the bulbs. Dust usually gets in from a poorly attached bulb socket. I use plumbers grease to seal. Plumbers grease will not deteriorate the rubber. The Grease comes in a small tube from any home improvement store
Clearly not obvious from the outside of the housing inside the engine compartment. You may want to pull a couple of the lenses to see if the attachment is visible then.
Glad you got the Anti Freeze system working.
Technical Support / Tail light assembly loose 2007 Beaver
« Last post by Frederick Thornton on November 28, 2020, 10:50:02 PM »
Hello again! There appears to be no end to the things that I need to fix on the 2007 Beaver. Next up is a loose tail light assembly. The right side is tight and doesn't move. The left one appears to be attached on left side but loose on the right. See pictures below. Looking from inside, there appears to be two nuts that might be holding the tail light on. I assume the right side of left tail light should be clipped and is not. Before I start trying to remove the light assembly, does anyone know how these lights are attached?
Thank you,
Technical Support / Re: Prevent-a-freeze not working - 2007 Beaver
« Last post by Frederick Thornton on November 28, 2020, 10:37:42 PM »
I checked the fuse and it was good. With help of a friend, we traced the wires from Prevent-a-freeze panel/switch back under the bus. Guess what, the red power wire was broken. Reattached the wire and all is good! Thanks again to Steve for pointing out the right fuse and for pointing me to the fuse list for the Beaver!
Technical Support / Re: Smart Wheel Controller Location
« Last post by Bryan Beamon on November 28, 2020, 05:59:42 PM »
Peter, our controller box for the smart wheel is located  in the front electrical bay on the front fire wall. One tip would be to pull out each plug on the box and spray with contact cleaner to avoid future problems.
Understand, Check out one of the you tube videos on-line, that might make it easier. Gotta deal with the hand we're dealt.....and if all else fails, put in a call to Xantrex customer service, while you are standing in front of the control panel so they can walk you thru the steps.
Bill, I have the manual. It is completely Greek to me. (no offense to any Greeks) If I were younger, I would put my self in front of them to ask for a job. Writing manuals that are easy to read and understand.

For example: under Freedom Inverter Charger Operation

To operate in invert mode from the front panel and a list of parameters

Then one of the parameters says; To operate the inverter with the System Control Panel, refer to “Operating the Freedom SW with the SCP” on page 23

I only have a front panel, but I should used that?, or SCP on page 23? To me, they are the same thing. I'm so confused.
Technical Support / Re: Prevent-a-freeze not working - 2007 Beaver
« Last post by Frederick Thornton on November 28, 2020, 03:47:31 PM »
Thanks Steve! I'll go check that today.

If I can't find the problem pretty easily, I may just replace the Prevent-a-freeze valve with a manual valve. Thoughts on that?
Here is a link to the owners manual. Other manuals are available from Xantrex (AGS, system control panel SCP,).

The manuals are complete, if a bit complicated so take your time when you read them. Like everything else, there are also you tube videos, just do a Google search.
I believe the arrows on the screen are pointing at the button (below the arrow) that you are supposed to push for the function you want to enable.  The screen is not touch-programmable. The four buttons are the only way to access the programming screens.
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