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Member Benefits

Many of our members have saved thousands of dollars with information they have received from the BAC Forum.

We have several retired diesel mechanics, a Caterpillar diagnostic technician, and many members with years of experience working on Beaver Coaches.  The money you spend to join our club is well spent, and will repay itself many times over.

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  • You will receive the club’s quarterly publication, Beaver Tales, which has information on new rally offerings and news about the club, plus helpful hints on coach maintenance and more.
  • You will be eligible to attend BAC rallies in all parts of the US and Canada.  We are a non-profit organization. Our volunteer rally masters put on rallies for half the cost of the commercial rally companies.
  • You will make new friends nation-wide. The Beaver Ambassador Club prides itself on being the friendliest club around.
  • You will gain access to the BAC Forum where you can get immediate help with technical problems or advice on scores of RV related issues. This is worth the cost of the membership alone; our members have saved hundreds, perhaps even thousands of dollars, with information from the Forum.
  • You will gain a nation-wide network of fellow members to rely upon when you need help.
  • You will have access to our maintenance round tables at major rallies.
  • All of these benefits cost less than $3.50 a month

BAC Member Testimonials: What our members say about the Beaver Ambassador Club

“He kept us rolling”
What a wonderful time we have had on our FIRST Beaver Rally. Who would have thought that just a “Hi there” from Rett Porter would have given us so many new friends & good times. As we all know you can break down any time and we did, but thank to our Rolling Rally Master Gerald Farris, he keep us rolling. If you have been thinking about joining or going to a rally take it from us, you will have the time of your life.
Doug & Sue Neal / Anchorage, Alaska

“Rewarding beyond belief”
“We warmly welcome you to membership in Beaver Ambassador Club. Yes, of course I’m prejudiced, perhaps even biased in my feelings ~~ Wally and I have been BAC members since the very inception at the organizational rally held in Bend OR, September 1983! Whew, that is really OLDEN times, I have loved being Membership Director since 1986. The friendships we have made, the knowledge we have gained with sharing and caring, and most of all the excitement of new friends, though never forgetting those from earlier days, are rewarding beyond belief. Please, come and share these tremendous experiences by being a part of our BAC world!”  Wally and Iris Schmidt

“Sharing of knowledge”
“A benefit of BAC which was unexpected was the sharing of knowledge among the members.  When talking with other members, one almost always gets around to discussing some of the problems we each have and normally someone will know who has had a similar problem and how it was solved or how you can contact another member and get a proposed solution.  The club has been like an encyclopedia for us”.  Roy and Vicki Warren

“We aren’t club or rally people”
“We bought our first Beaver in early 2000, and shortly thereafter attended our first Beaver rally, fully expecting that it would be our last, ‘because we aren’t club or rally people.’  Much to our surprise, we found that we loved it, and we have spent a good part of the last nine years seeing places and doing things that we would never do on our own.  And we have made some great friends in the process.”  George and Bev Morlan

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