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Posted 4 months ago

CAT Fuel Priming Pump Installation Tips  The following is based on my experience installing the CAT 206-5756 Fuel Priming Pump...

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Posted 4 months ago

Question: What Fuel Transfer Pump is needed to maintain constant fuel flow and pressure on Cat HEUI (Hydraulic/Electronic Unit Injector)...

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Posted 4 months ago

Question: I have a 1996 Beaver Patriot Cat 3126. It has a Winn Coleman fuel system. The glass bowl is...

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Posted 2 years ago

Question: 1988 Beaver C12 425 hp. I was having low power issues and noticed sediment and cloudy fuel in the...

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Posted 3 years ago

Dave, Why is it difficult for the C9 to maintain proper fuel flow and pressure with the original pump that...

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Posted 3 years ago

The answer of which system to use is;   ”It Depends…” (Note, the following information is taken from BAC Forum Technical...

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