Author Topic: Power Outlet for replacement Clothes Dryer - Can I use my pigtail?  (Read 341 times)

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Dryer in the Florida house is on its last leg. A resident of the retirement community offered one for free. Has a bad heating element (the consensus - going to have repairman look at it), so we thought it would be a great upgrade from the present unit.

Uh oh! The power outlet for the existing dryer is the kind that looks like a 50 amp plug in (with differences) It is picture 1.

The replacement dryer has a power cord that looks like a 30 amp. It is picture 2.

The manual for the new one has a diagram that appears to say either one is good. It is picture 3.

The breaker for the dryer looks like this. It is picture 4.

On the back of the dryer itself is a sticker that appears to indicate that the old wiring can be changed. It is picture 5.

Update: Apologize for dis-oriented pictures. Good ol' Apple iPhone. If you click on them, they orient correctly.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

Merry Christmas!
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Re: Power Outlet for replacement Clothes Dryer - Can I use my pigtail?
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The original plug is a 30amp 220volt with a neutral (top L shaped pin). Replace that receptacle with a 30amp 220volt with no neutral. I know it looks similar to a 30amp RV plug but it IS NOT. Over the years I fixed a lot of brand new RV's that plugged their coach into a 30amp 220volt plug that a friend helped installed and it fried the electrical inside the coach. Fred
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