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AquaHot Low Coolant Cut-off Switch
« on: April 28, 2010, 04:57:36 PM »
There is another thread that discusses issues with HydroHot  low coolant level cut-off switches.  I had a switch failure in my AHE -100 AquaHot.  I contacted the switch manufacturer, Advanced Control Technologies at 877-800-8820, and spoke with John Tate.  He told me the number on the original switch was for a nylon switch.  It is intended to be used in petroleum applications and should not be used in application where it would be exposed to water.  If he is correct, failures could be traced to AquaHot engineers specifying the wrong switch.  They recommended a replacement Part Number B6270AFF6B.  It has a brass body and a polypropylene float and is intended for applications where it would be exposed to water. The cost for the replacement is about $50.

Aquahot now has a brass body switch, but I don't know it is the same as discussed above.   They also have a modification involving a new control board and sensor that they believe will be less problematical than the switches.  It is quite expensive, so I elected to replace the switch with the correct type.

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