Author Topic: WHEEL REMOVAL ALERT  (Read 4771 times)

Rob Perry

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« on: May 24, 2010, 10:11:55 PM »
I know we can't be prepared for everything, BUT the things that might keep you on the side of the road for several days are something one might consider the value of being prepared for.

I was at Les Schwabs having 8 new Michelin RV tires installed. (By the way I was able to get DOT dates 1710. Fresh tires.)

While they were installing the new inside rear dual, two of the studs were twisted off.

The whole operation to install the new tires was to be 1 1/2 hours. I had to have Schwabs drive me home while they searched through Portland for replacement studs. NAPA didn't have any nor did 3 of the RV dealers in town. They finally found the replacement parts at a Friction Supply Outlet. It was a two part item, a Shoulder Stud and an Inter cap stud nut.

When I picked up my coach the next day, I was told I should consider replacing the remaining studs on that wheel, because if two were fatigued the others were possibility affected.

The part numbers are E5715R (R for Right & L for Left) Shoulder Stud and E7896R for the Inter cap stud nut.

I intend to put two sets of each in my tool box. They cost $3.96 for the shoulder stud and $2.78 for the Inter cap stud nut.
Not worth the down time if you have a flat and the folks making the repair, spin a stud off and you have to sit until they locate one.  

Have a safe enjoyable summer.