Author Topic: Anyone have an Exhaust Brake Wiring Schematic for 1999 Contessa?  (Read 1660 times)

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On my trip last week (my first trip into the Blue Ridge mountains) I used the exhaust brake extensively. I hardly ever touched the brake pedal. I am impressed with how well it works.

Mine activates when you let off the throttle pedal. The Aladdin shows the "Gear selected" as 4 (I think) but transmission wont downshift unless the road speed is in the proper range for the downshift to keep engine from over revving.

So I would have the transmission shift pad in 6th gear, let up on the throttle and the engine brake would start slowing coach - but most of the time it did not downshift. If I needed a little more speed reduction I would step on the brake, and then it might downshift.  Our east-coast mountains are just hills to you west coast guys.

Also, I think it goes from 6th to 5th then to 4th (doesn't go straight from 6 to 4th) even if the "programming is set for 4th gear", which makes sense to me. I cant recall any harsh downshifts.

I'm not sure if it skips 5th or not. I'll have to pay more attention to that on the next trip.
- Mike

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Lonne, Glad you confirmed all is as it should be, thanks to your LED. I'd like to have a dash indicator to tell me my cruise control is activated; If I switch screens on the Aladdin, yes I get a Cruise On indication, but a glance at an LED in the dash would be safer.

Steepest grade for us so far was Teton Pass, between Jackson Hole Wy and Victor ID. 10% grade. I did at one point, have to brake and downshift to slow, all the while using the Jake brake in HI (6 cyl) position. That brought us down to 15 or 20 mph toward the bottom (east side) of the hill, the tight corners required a reduction in speed, not the grade.
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As info.

I went down a 14% grade from Torrey, UT on UT SR-12 to Escalante, UT (around 65 miles). There are no guard rails, easily 800+ drop offs from the curbside wheels, and a white knuckler for 40 miles of the trip. I think it took us 3 hours. Hundreds of switchbacks. Barely touched the service brake the entire way down. Kept it at 25mph the  best I could most of the time. My Pac brake downshifts to 2nd gear when it is engaged.
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I have found it much easier and quicker to use the Aladdin screen for the engine and transmission vital statistics, plus the cruise control settings (on/off and selected speed setting).  The Aladdin screen is in plain sight to the left of the steering wheel is not blocked by the steering wheel as are the dash gauges.  It's the same with my Silverleaf screen; it shows several engine and transmission statistics, plus my twelve tire TPMS pressures... and the Silverleaf screen is in plain sight to the right of the steering wheel.  Also, the Silverleaf screen shows a green, yellow, or red letter "J" when the Jake Brake is engaged, depending upon the level of braking.  I rarely change the screens from where they're set after I start a day's drive.
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