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Owners manual for 2006 Beaver Monterey Ventura

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Gregory J Dugre:
I've just purchased a 2006 beaver Monterey Ventura IV with a 400 hp C9 cat and Allison 3000 MH transmission
I'm trying to get an owners manual for this coach. This is my first coach and it would be  helpful to have a owners manual instead of trying to figure out how everything is susposed to work. I've checked out the Monaco site but I can only find listings for Monaco coaches nothing for Beaver.  Any suggestions would be appricated.

Joel Ashley:
Greg, click the blue link in the upper right corner of this page that takes you to the main BAC site.  There, sign in and then use the “Technical” tab whose menu contains our “Coach Assist” section.  If you’ve signed in only on this Forum, you may need to create an account also on the main site first as it and the Forum are separate entities, and Coach Assist is a private, BAC members only feature.

Scroll down a short way on Coach Assist and you will find a manual for your coach that’s like mine.  The manual is relatively large but not always accurate as to some procedures and devices;  mostly because Monaco is known for printing a manual before all of a rig’s intended features were finalized, and design plans change after printing.  Features even changed mid-year, so that, aside from options differences, any 2 coaches of the same year and model may have different inclusives, and be not absolutely true to their sales brochure. 

You may often find better answers here on the Forum than there.  Treat the manual as enlightening if you are new to these rigs or didn’t have the benefit of a buyer’s walkthrough.  But it often won’t supply a question’s answer, so consult here regardless.  Also note in Coach Assist other useful entities such as an Aladdin manual and trouble shooting documents, CAT engine help and service advise from our guru mechanic Dave Atherton, HydroHot manuals and help, electrical diagram books, and numerous other resources.


Bryan Beamon:
Gregory, Joel did a great job, suggest also calling Northwest Supply in Eugene , Oregon at 541- 746- 9092. As they have many old Beaver and Monaco manuals for sale.

Gregory J Dugre:
thanks Joel
I've found the manual. looks like I have some reading to do. I have two guesting. first the two needles red and green for the air pressure Guage. is? primary  and secondary or front and rear. but which is which. Second I have a check engine light plus an engine warning light flashing. I've purchased a FCAR Scanner to trouble shoot but I'm not sure what protocol the coach uses. j1708, J1939?
thanks Greg

Fred Brooks:
  The red needle is the air pressure dedicated to rear brakes only (they do 70% of your braking). The green needle is your front brakes and all your air driven accessories, (air ride, horn, stepwell cover, ect) When the air pressure gets down to 90psi, the compressor comes on and builds the pressure back up to 120psi. The green needle will cycle back and forth as you use air for the air bags. If you were to loose your air pressure in transit, when the pressure gets down to 35psi it automatically applies the park brake. Hope this helps, Fred


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