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power seat motors
« on: January 02, 2024, 01:49:38 AM »
I had an issue with the footrest not going up on the passenger side front seat. I could see the motor was trying to work.The motors are protected by a thermal overload which trips them off when they get to the limit of travel and the motor can no longer turn. Mine would trip off without lifting the footrest at all. I removed the motor gearbox assembly and discovered the grease in the gearbox had hardened so much that the gear was seized in the casing. I flushed it with gasoline and repacked it with Lithium grease and now it works a treat. There are 2 big screws on either side of the gearbox housing which are actually grease points. remove the screw and pack grease in the hole. reinserting and tightening the screw pushes grease into the gear housing.
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