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Winterize or Fresh water tank fill option
« on: January 11, 2024, 02:33:29 AM »
  The following is a modification that can be performed that will give you 2 options concerning filling the fresh water tank or Winterizing your coach fresh water plumbing. It requires moderate DIY skills. This update applies to 98 to 02 Beaver coaches that have a fresh water tank fill solenoid (red hat valve) and an existing "Flair-it" shut-off valve suppling water to the water pump. See attached photo. The procedure is as follows:
  1- Purchase a Flair-it "3-way water valve 1/2" fittings" It is available from Amazon, Ace Hdwe or RV parts supplier
  2- Purchase a Flair-it "90 degree elbow by 1/2" fitting
  3- 10 feet 1/2" clear Vinyl reinforced hose. Available at Home depot.
  4- short piece of 1/2" Pex tubing.
Configure the replacement 3-way valve and hose as shown in the picture. Remove the existing Flair-it shut off valve and quickly install the 3-way valve. TIP: After removing the hose fitting nut, a hair dryer warming the tubing will assist in removing the valve and installing the new 3-way valve.
   To add potable water to your freshwater tank:
   1- Install the 10' new hose in a potable water container.
   2- Turn on the water tank "fill" switch
   3- Turn on the water pump.
The average water pump will transfer 2.8 to 5 gallons a minute.
  When finished, turn off the tank fill switch and reorient the 3-way valve to the horizontal position.

To Winterize: Purchase 5 gallons of pink non-toxic antifreeze. turn off the electric circuit breaker going to the water heater or aqua hot or Hurricane. Drain the water heater or Aqua hot. Close the by-pass valve on the water heater if so equipped. Place the 10 foot hose in the antifreeze container and turn on the water pump. Flush the toilet until you see pink. Open sink fixtures and do the same. Short cycle the washer/dryer then off. Short cycle the ice maker until pink fluid appears.
This kind of winterizing may be necessary if exposed to long periods of extremely cold weather.
 Cindy and I like "Dispersed Camping" so we like the option of bringing extra water to extend our adventure.
 Blessings, Fred

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