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Bill Lampkin

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Load shedding
« on: May 01, 2024, 09:01:51 PM »
Load shedding anyone know if our coach has load shedding? Is there a module somewhere? Typing on my phone so gotta keep this short
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Re: Load shedding
« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2024, 11:50:51 PM »
Is that when the coach's engine gets too hot pulling a hill so you start pitching boxes out the windows?

I believe our coaches' generators have a mechanism for "load building" though.  Start the generator, then go start all the AC/HPs at once.  Our AC/HPs seem to be on a delay-timing device such that they will start themselves in a gapped sequence.

As far as load shedding, vis-a-vis, the generator, I turn off the AC/HPs manually as fast as I can walk between the thermostats. As far as load shedding goes, our generator is a 12.5KW Onan QD and can run everything electrical on/in the coach concurrently.  It doesn't need to shed any loading.
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Re: Load shedding
« Reply #2 on: May 02, 2024, 12:26:06 PM »
To my knowledge Beaver never used a load shedding device on there shore power management I may be wrong on this but of all the wiring diagrams I've looked through I've yet to find one .
Winnebago and a couple other manufacturers have used load shedding in the past ,most of these systems where made by intellitech and would have a display panel like the one showed in the link below.
The user could preset an amp limit and the system would keep the load balanced below that set limit by turning power off  preselected  loads like a/c units or clothes dryer to keep the amp draw at the shore cord below the preset threshold.
Intellitech also marketed a unit that would control two A/C units shedding power back and forth to allow both A/C units run run on a 30 amp shore pedestal.

Hope this helps
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