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Does anyone that has a 2006 Monterey know the location of the HWH Air level sensing unit?  I asked the HWH representative at the FMCA show in Bowling Green, but he was puzzled since my control box is mounted on the celing of my right front electrical bay, with the glass down.


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Okay, this is gonna be fun  :o.

I'm assuming you meant your electrical bay is on the left (beneath the driver) and not the right as you said.  The sensing unit is in the top of the two control box sections.  Kneeling in front of your electrical bay, you should note the control box is mounted to the ceiling of the bay with 2 screwed in clamps on the left side and 2 on the right.  You'll have to place your head in the bay and under the bay light to your upper left, and you may want to use a small flashlight to illuminate the area immediately beneath the rear clamp on the control box's left side.  Wires from a plug-in connector in the center of the upper box's left side may be in your way, and need to be gently pushed aside.  Do not confuse the 2 smaller hexagonal fittings, on the box's left side but toward the bay door, with the single large fitting you are looking for in the back towards the wall.

The sensing unit adjustment fitting there is black and hard to see.  It is shaped to accept like a 7/8" or 3/4" wrench at its thin base, and has a black hexagonal riser offset to one side in its center, plus a phillips screw offset in the center opposite the black riser.

My 2006 Monterey was a puzzle in the control box dept. also, but a tech at the Bend Service Center clued me in a couple years ago.  Problem is, they pretty much got the system to level in camp just fine, so I've forgotten where he said the LED lamps were that they used to do any adjustments.  I believe they aren't like the diagram in the HWH manual (LEDs A,B,C, and D), but consist of LED's visible through the glass "bottom" panel of the control box, and, darn it, I don't know which is which.  The manual does note that the LED's may be located different than diagramed.  You need to have activated your "Air" button on the armrest panel inside in order to have lamps on in the control box of course.  

Hope I helped ya at least locate the adjustment knob(s) - one inside the other requiring a wrench and a screw driver.  I assume you have the HWH manual which tells how to make the adjustment.  Trick is to figure out which LEDs to use.  Hope someone else can assist in that dept.  A call to Loren in Bend may prove fruitful.

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