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Unified Tow Brake connector location
« on: January 23, 2010, 07:11:23 PM »
All literature indicates that my 2006 Monterey was prewired by Monaco for the Unified Tow Brake.  I have searched hi and low for the under dash connector without success.  Can anyone who has installed this system tell where their connection was located? I called Monaco but they were of no help.
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Re: Unified Tow Brake connector location
« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2010, 07:59:33 PM »

We all thought the CB connectors were under the dash of our '06 Monterey.  Eventually the tech at Bend found them tucked away behind the driver's arm rest, where most of the switches, parking brake, tranny panel, and etc. are.  As I recall, the upholstered side of the "armrest" can be unscrewed and removed for access to the menagerie of things behind it.  If you couldn't find the Unified Tow Brake harness under the dash, try looking under the "armrest".

We went with a Roadmaster Brakemaster system, which I really like, and the huge new Roadmaster headquarters/facility is now located near us in Vancouver, WA, where I've had excellent service solving special problems.  But you are correct in that our coaches are supposed to have been ready to go for a Unified Tow Brake installation if that's your preferred route.
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Re: Unified Tow Brake connector location
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Yes, I had already disasembled the armrest compartment, with no luck.  By the way, my CB connection was under the dash access panel.