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Eclipse Patio Awning
« on: March 02, 2010, 03:13:58 AM »
We have been having problems with our Patio awning on our  07 Contessa. While going through the procedures to test the control box, I managed to blow the fuse providing power to the Patio awning and the door awning.  Our Beaver manual states that the power is provided through a mimibreaker in the drivers side outside bay.  I could not find any such breaker and called Monaco for help.  I spoke with Rob who searched for quite some time to find anything that related to an awning.  He finally found a reference for the door awning which related to the No. 8 fuse in the fuse box in the bathroom. This fuse is labeled to control the t-stats, sat. power, and tv boost.  Well, it also controls the door awning and the patio awning.  Replaced the fuse and all is well.
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