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Identifying Beaver Monterey chassis
« on: August 19, 2016, 09:11:31 PM »
I'm still trying to identify what the correct shock is for my motor home. It is a 2000 Beaver Monterey Seacliff with (2) slides (driver side). The front suspension is the Reyco 1200 (2) air bags  (2) shocks, and the rear is Reyco 240AR (2) air bags (2) shocks. I have talked to Bilstein about this many times and they can only say to try some shock combinations (at my expense) to arrive at a satisfying ride. I was told to talk to the people at Source Engineering and I did. They told me that it wouldn't surprise them at all that Beaver at that time would use different suspensions. Bring it by and we will have a look.  I live in California.  So my question is simple, lol. There must be a member that has a 2000 to 2002 Monterey  Seacliff (2) slide that has changed the shocks. IF SO WHAT SHOCK DID YOU USE?   I am currently using Bilstein #24-020930 at the front and rear. The ride is not the best, it's very soft on compression and rebound, and rolls side to side easily. The 24-020930 is the shock that Bilstein says to use on the Magnum blue streak of that year, but that is for Reyco 610AR rear and mine is definitely a 240AR. And the front shock is to be a 24-18638 which is for a Reyco 510AR.  I tried the 24-18638 on the front and it is way too stiff and too short on extension because the ride height on the 1200 suspension is 2" higher than the 510AR.   So you all can see there is a problem. It seems that all the shock companies haven't seen this combination. Or is there someone out there that can identify this suspension combo with a name?   So my only place it seems to go is BAC for some help in finding a final solution. Not a trial error approach.   Your input would be very helpful.    Bob

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Re: Identifying Beaver Monterey chassis
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Don't know where in CA you reside but another Beaver suspension source is Henderson's Line up, in Grants Pass, OR, 55 miles north of the CA/OR border, off of I-5.   Hendersons is a BAC sponsor here and their speciality is motorhome suspensions.   Their diagnosis and suspension work greatly improved the overall handling of our 36' 05 Monterey, given its short wheelbase.  The guys there are more than willing to assist a BAC member over the phone with info and recommendations.
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