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Upgrading to HDMI Inputs
« on: January 06, 2011, 02:21:18 AM »
Thought I would pass along a reasonably easy option to upgrade to HDMI inputs for new satellite receiver installs or Blue Ray players. For my case, I am connecting a Sony Bravia TV in the front of the coach, to a Dish 722 receiver in the rear closet. Involved is a Wineguard Carry Out on the roof. I tested the unit with a computer HDMI output today.

HDMI signals can be routed over a pair of Cat 5 Ethernet cables, which requires approx. a 1/4 inch hole for each wire. The nice thing about this approach, is that no ends are required until the install is complete, so only the routing of bare wire is an issue. An HDMI cable requires at least a 7/8 inch hole due to the end plugs, which would be difficult at best to route and cover up the damage. HDMI cables of this length can also be problematic. With the Cat 5 cable approach, the HDMI signal is converted at both ends utilizing a powered set of baluns (transformers) to convert the signal to and from an HDMI format. I have run about 45 feet of cable length and achieved 1080P signals from the rear to the front of the coach. My path has been to drop the edge of the ceiling panels and tuck the wires in and drill through the wood at the door ways as well as the exit of the closet. Typical visible wire without any added moldings is less than an inch in length in just three locations, none of which are in the main salon. I may create a small molding to cover them but they are hardly noticeable as they are.

For my install, I used Niles components for the Baluns, but much less expensive units exist and may work just fine. I had a family source for these parts. Hope this helps someone else, who has been scratching their heads about how to get HDMI signals to their upgraded TV.  I would be happy to pass along any info if needed.

later Ed
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Re: Upgrading to HDMI Inputs
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I wanted to add a little more information regarding getting through the doorways with the wiring. The dual doors mounted on a roller track in the bedroom actually has a 3/4 inch thick board above the track and below the ceiling level. If you use a 1/4 inch extra long bit (mine was 2 feet long) you can drill from the bedroom side at a low enough angle on the right side of the doorway to create a set of holes for the wires. The wires will pass through the two face boards and the board over the track. For the single kitchen door, the left side of the doorway can be drilled from the bathroom side, there is space where the track ends for the single door. Hope this helps.

Later Ed