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Tom and Pat Fudale

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« on: January 07, 2011, 11:54:04 PM »
I have a bedroom slide that creeps in.  Can anyone tell me where the selenoid is located that controls this slide.
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Jeremy Parrett

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Re: bedroomslide
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 Hi Tom and Pat,
 I made mine work better by lifting the bed and cleaning the spade connectors on the electric motor, and then the connectors on the wall switch.   They were corroded.  It will not be as fast as the living room slide though, as that has a more powerful hydraulic motor.  Lubricating the slide mechanism with white lithium grease and the weather seals with the special cleaner will also help. Hope this helps. Jeremy and Jane
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Gerald Farris

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Re: bedroomslide
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I have worked on right bedroom slide (curb side) on an 05 Monterey and you have to remove all of the wood trim on the inside of the slide to access the slide mechanism. I have never worked on the left bedroom slide (driver's side), so I can not tell you anything about it since Monaco changed the slides from the ones that I am use to on the SMC era coaches. Which one are you having trouble with?

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Joel Ashley

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Re: bedroomslide
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The street side (under bed) slide is electric, but the curb side is hydraulic.  The solenoid manifold for our '06 is up front underneath on the frame near the entry step.  You might want to first check that the release nut on each solenoid is tight;  there is a 1/4" nut driver for that purpose on one end of the reservoir cap.  HWH recommends replacing both the in and out solenoids for a given slide, if you replace either.  You may have to consult them or their website to help determine which solenoid set is which, and how to properly replace them.  Just listening, with the head end of a large screwdriver to your ear and the drive end to each solenoid, while someone else operates the slide, may help figure out which solenoid does what for which slide.

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